The Kvenna Soft Landing Cylinder design is based on a continuous damping element. This results in a smooth damper reaction with good control of the reaction force.

In a conventional damper design, a series of holes become blocked when the piston run into the cylinder house. This results in short-time peak forces each time a new hole is blocked.

A given Kvenna damper can easily be adjusted for a broad range of module sizes by exchanging the damping element. This results in cost-effective production as there is only a single inexpensive component that can be custom-tailored while all other components (housing, piston, refill system) are of standard size.

No welded components are used in the Kvenna damper design. This gives good control of the material properties (no heat affected zone), surface finish (simplified NDT requirements) and dimensional control (no residual weld stress).

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Kvenna also offers customized SLCs for land-based damping. Our traditional subsea SLC uses the ambient sea water as damping fluid. Our land-based version, on the other hand, is equipped with a small tank for supply and expansion of the damping fluid. The cylinders can be utilized when smooth damping is required, e.g. when loading goods between a platform and an offshore vessel in rough weather conditions.

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