Designed for temporary elevation of subsea equipment and structures. Robust and compact hydraulic cylinders for reliable leveling for example in a tie in and connection operation.



Technical data:

DescriptionK-HLJ 119/100™K-HLJ 300/105™K-HLJ 300/200™
Length(locked):263 mm330 mm464 mm
Flange dimensions:185 x 185 mmØ 450 mmØ 450 mm
Cylinder OD:Ø 174 mmØ 360 mmØ 360 mm
Piston OD:Ø 119 mmØ 300 mmØ 300 mm
Weight:34 kg225 kg272 kg
Depth:3000 m3000 m3000 m
Stroke Length:100 mm105 mm200 mm
Design Piston Force:237.5 kN1484.4 kN1484.4 kN
Housing Material:S35534CrNiMo634CrNiMo6
Piston MaterialS165MS165MS165M