The pressure caps are designed to provide an additional extended seal barrier in case of stem seal leakage from subsea valves.  The caps are installed subsea by WROV and is locked in place by 90º rotation of the cap by ROV handle. Pressure is equalized before retrieval.



Technical data:

Ball Valve Sizes:20”, 24” and 26”30” and 34”
Overall Dimensions:520x520x600mm650x650x633 mm
Weight in Air:131 kg182 kg
Weight Submerged:7.8 kg9.4 kg
Depth:1500 m1500 m
Cap Material:SuperDuplexSuperDuplex
Seals:PTFE Lip SealsPTFE Lip Seals
Pressure:384 bar384 bar
Lock Moment:100 Nm100 Nm
Unlock Moment:100 Nm100 Nm