Full scale test of a new composite ladder by and for Kystverket

Yesterday was an exciting day at Kvenna EMT. Representatives from Kystverket (Norwegian Coastal Administration) and Rempro AS visited our facilities to participate in testing of a newly developed ladder of composite.

The ladder is developed by and for Kystverket and produced by Rempro AS in Liabygda, a company focusing on high quality composite products. Kvenna EMT’s engineering department has carried out the strength calculations in accordance with Norsk Standard / ISO. Yesterday we performed tests to check the actual strength with really good results.

The new ladder will ease and make the working days safer for the users. The weight of a composite ladder is of course much lower than an equivalent ladder made of steel, reducing the probability for injuries during handling. Corrosion is no longer an issue, extending the lifetime of the product dramatically. In addition to that, composite is a non-conductive material, reducing the risk for electrical accidents.

Kvenna EMT highly appreciate the close and good cooperation with Kystverket, and also with highly skilled local companies.

We are really looking forward to the next challenge!

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