We are proud to announce that we have entered into a new framework agreement with Kystverket (the Norwegian Coastal Administration).

Kvenna EMT is thus extending the already successful collaboration we have had with Kystverket and look forward to new exciting projects. Our task is to perform all simulations, calculations, and analyses, while Kystverket is responsible for the actual construction work. Based on the analysis results, this leads to any proposed changes from Kvenna’s side, which Kystverket further considers whether to implement.

It has already been a highly iterative process with close collaboration between the parties. As Per Erik Ose, Senior Engineer at Kystverket, states:

‘We have had an impeccable collaboration with Kvenna EMT so far and are very pleased with further cooperation. Kvenna has the knowledge, skilled personnel, and delivers good calculations and analyses, enabling us to make necessary adjustments. All in all, we are very satisfied with what we have received so far, and we look forward to the next projects we will embark on.’

The first project within the new framework agreement is about a new navigational marker. Kystverket draws on experiences from previous and similar markers while introducing significant improvements to the entire construction. We appreciate the trust and enter into the new framework agreement with great enthusiasm.

Photo of Agneskjæret: OV Hekkingen v/ Karl Erik Sætre.

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