It has been an eventful fall at Kvenna. One of the most colorful deliveries we’ve had, as you can see in the picture, was when we completed the delivery of two engines to Brim Explorer in October. The engines will be installed in the hybrid-electric catamaran MS “Bre,” which is being built by Brødrene Aa in Hyen, on behalf of Norled AS. The catamaran will serve as a standby vessel on the express boat route between Bodø – Væran and Bodø – Gildeskål. Moreover, it will function as a fully electric sightseeing vessel in the Bodø area during non-operational periods in its regular service schedule.

This is the second delivery we have in the propulsion line for Brim Explorer, and we are very grateful to continue the excellent collaboration. At our facility in Kvennaneset, all disciplines have been engaged in the project. We have supplied various components, including shafts with corresponding spline couplings, bearing housings, motor covers, and bearings. Our responsibilities encompassed the design of the driveline, along with the execution of essential simulations, calculations and analyses. There has been a significant focus on weight and a compact design throughout the project. The PM motor itself is produced and delivered by the Italian company Phase Motion Control, and the propeller line is supplied by West Mekan.

Brim Explorer is a maritime company that currently offers silent, sustainable and innovative cruise experiences in Northern Norway and the Oslo Fjord. Co-founder of Brim Explorer, Espen Larsen-Hakkebo, comments on how the collaboration with Kvenna has lived up to expectations:

“Collaborating with Kvenna has been highly reassuring for us. Through our partnership, we have rigorously validated the design, ensuring optimal functionality. Kvenna has proven to be a dependable collaborator, aiding in the verification of both the chosen technology and the design. Overall, having Kvenna on board has been an extremely positive experience for us.”

MS “Bre” is designed as a modern and universally designed vessel, with excellent passenger comfort and panoramic windows for optimal views. The top speed will be around 30 knots, and the length of the vessel is 24 meters. It will be equipped with 1.2 MWh of batteries and a fully electric drivetrain with diesel-powered range extenders.

We look forward to following the all-electric journey of MS “Bre” when it launches in the spring of 2024.

Renderings of MS “Bre”:

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